The installation of the boiler house at 202A Shevchenko Str. in Zdolbunov has been completed and the operation has been started.

The proposal to build a boiler house was first formulated by the report on the energy audit of the Central heating system of Zdolbunov, served by KP "Zdolbunovkommunenergiya". According to the report, the boiler room design allowed:

  • to improve the state of heat supply to residential buildings at the following addresses: 202 Shevchenko Str. , 202A Shevchenko str. and 125 Nova Str.;
  • to make decommissioning of the section of the main heat network from the boiler house on Lesya Ukrainka street to the Central heating point on 202A Shevchenko str. with a total length of 443 m (in two-pipe calculation). Heat losses on the site that was proposed for decommissioning, according to actual measurements during the heating period of 2008 ... 2009, amounted to 400 kW or 56% of the useful heat consumption of residential buildings;
  • Reduce the pressure of network pumps in the boiler room on Lesya Ukrainka street.

Parts of the premises of the Central heating station 202A Shevchenko street were converted into a boiler room. The installed heat capacity of the boiler house is 800 kW. The boiler house project started in 2007. Due to lack of funding, it was repeatedly stopped, but in 2008 the project was completed, and it received a positive conclusion of a comprehensive state examination.

Thermal diagram of the boiler room

The plan of the boiler room

In 2008, the 1st tender for the installation of the boiler house was held, but due to lack of funding, the work was not started, in 2010-the 2nd tender for installation, its results were canceled for the same reason. Finally, in December 2012, the boiler house began to be installed, but due to incomplete funding, the installation of the boiler house and commissioning of the boiler house took a whole year.
During installation, the boiler house design was adjusted to reduce the cost. Financial restrictions have somewhat worsened the technical and economic indicators of the boiler house-in contrast to the design solution, it works with a permanent maintenance staff.
Finally, in January 2014, the boiler room started working.

the front of boiler

the front of boiler and auto-recharge

chimneys, boilers pumps and mixing valves boiler automation systems

boiler room network group

rear of boilers and chimneys

It remains only to carry out routine adjustment of boilers and boiler room.
The customer and residents of residential buildings are satisfied.