Finished projects



The availability of qualified personnel allows us to offer design services:

  • modern boiler houses on various types of fuel with a full cycle of automation;
  • automated central heat distribution station and individual heating unit with weather-dependent regulation of heat release;
  • engineering systems (water supply, heating, ventilation, Sewerage, gas supply) without which it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged modern life;
  • design of production facilities based on fermentation technologies with a full product processing cycle;
  • automation systems of technological processes; automation of heating and ventilation systems, heat generation;
  • systems for automatic control and management of equipment, technological cycles and, in general, enterprises.

Based on the results of energy audits, taking into account world practice and current trends, we develop diverse energy-saving projects that we successfully implement. Our company is an official partner of the world-famous companies "Danfoss", "Viessmann", "Wilo", "SEMPAL" and "ETATRON D. S." The company has developed about 100 different projects in Ukraine and abroad. The most interesting and presentational projects that we participated in the development of: - UAB NORDETANOLIS port bioethanol plant in Klaipeda (Lithuania); - heating boiler house with a capacity of 1.5 MW in the village. Kotsyubinskoe of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district; - boiler room of the shop for the production of frozen semi-finished products of OOO "Strana Vkusa" with a capacity of 1.0 MW; - Central heating station with a capacity of 9.5 MW in Rivne; - recycling water supply systems for a number of Ukrainian distilleries; - systems for automatic control and correction of concentrations of the decontaminating agent for water supply and Sewerage facilities of enterprises in Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.Today we are designing: - reconstruction of a distillery in Babayurt village (Russian Federation); - boiler houses of OOO "T-Style" in Rivne. In addition, we are preparing for the start of a large project - the reconstruction of several plants for the production of raw alcohol in Poland. The company accompanies almost all projects until they reach their full capacity. Working with the project of the UAB NORDETANOLIS port bioethanol plant in Klaipeda, we have gained good experience in developing the project stage, which in the EU countries is called BASIC PROJECT, and which is a preliminary production project with an assessment of the project's cost-effectiveness, impact on the environment and social infrastructure. Developed and accepted by the customer, the BASIC PROJECT was used as a "Technical task for the design of the plant's working project". The project division performs work for the implementation of projects on its own, at least when we perform the functions of a General contractor. We only design what we can implement ourselves. This approach to design allows to:

  • design for a specific delivery of specific equipment;
  • significantly reduce the duration of the design cycle, combining it in time with equipment and materials, preparation for installation;
  • increase the reality of our declared prices for work performance and, in General, increase the level of engineering preparation of objects for installation.

Implementation of projects by installation allowed us to make a number of important conclusions that we hope will interest potential users:

  1. The greatest savings in fuel and energy resources are not provided by the reconstruction of generating and transporting heat capacities, but by reducing the heat consumption of the object. Only on a site that is carefully prepared for receiving heat will the replacement of heat generating equipment have a significant effect.
  2. It is difficult to achieve the expected effect without evaluating the efficiency of the entire heat supply system - heating system - heating networks - heat source.
  3. A necessary condition for improving the reliability and efficiency of the heat supply system is to minimize the influence of a subjective factor - a person, which requires training and retraining of personnel operating the heat supply system. At the same time, we consider it necessary and try to train personnel at "our" facilities to work with specific equipment, in specific conditions, but this does not apply to design.
  4. The simplest solid fuel boilers are the most difficult to operate. This is often caused by a superficial approach to the quality of fuel and the qualification of personnel.

The boiler houses that we designed have implemented a number of new solutions that help to stabilize the boiler room operation modes, regardless of the operation of heating networks and heat supply systems for consumers. These include:

  • the creation of an internal heat carrier circulation circuit minimizes the loss of "soft" feed water and protects boilers from "heat" shocks;
  • cascade scheme of operation of pumping equipment of the boiler house provides pressure reduction in the elements of the heat supply system;
  • collector connection scheme for boilers and consumers, which provides hydraulic "independence" of the circuits;
  • and others.

The projects of fermentation plants developed by us implement modern methods and approaches that allow production to reduce the financial risk of activities, the impact of production on the environment, and reduce the use of purchased organic fuel:

  • complex processing of raw materials to produce a whole line of products;
  • the transition to a progressive scheme of low-temperature processing of raw materials;
  • application of heat recovery of technological cycles;
  • complex automation of technological cycles;
  • automatic control and management of technological cycles and, in general, the enterprise.