BTS-ENGINEERING performs energy surveys (energy audits) of enterprises and organizations in order to assess the efficiency of using fuel and energy resources and implementing energy-saving measures.

As well as design services:

  • modern boiler houses on various types of fuel with a full cycle of automation;
  • automated central heating units and individual heating units;
  • design of production facilities based on fermentation technologies with a full product processing cycle;
  • automation systems of technological processes; automation of heating and ventilation systems, heat generation;
  • systems for automatic control and management of equipment, technological cycles and, in general, enterprises.

Ready - madedesign projects:

Conducting an energy survey (energy audit)

Energy survey (energy audit) - survey of energy facilities in order to identify energy efficiency, identify measures to improve it and opportunities for their implementation. The energy survey includes the collection of documentary information, instrumental survey, analysis of information, and development of recommendations for energy conservation.


The first stage of developing an energy - saving project is to conduct an energy audit / energy survey at the facility.
Energy audit/energy survey allows you to establish a "diagnosis", recommend methods and ways to improve the state of energy.
Having our own devices, as one of the most effective and efficient methods of "diagnostics", we use thermal imaging surveys.